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Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day - September 13th




YCA encourages kids and teens across the nation to take over their kitchen each year by kicking off the "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Challenge! 

The objective behind this mission is to empower kids and teens to become more actively involved in the planning, preparation and cooking of meals.  In turn, we are fostering family bonds and actively fighting the battle against the many serious health and social issues related to our youth's eating habits in today’s time.



Stay tuned for what we have "cooked up" for this year's "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Day! 

Here's how other kids and teens have gotten involved this year.... 

National "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Day 

Kids and teens were called to "take over their kitchen" on September 13, 2011 using their favorite recipe(s) and make a meal for their family!  Click here or on the "Downloads" Button below for a Dinner Kit you can try at home!


 "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Photo Contest & Video Challenge

 We extended the challenge by encouraging kids (and their parents) to participate in contests showing how they "took over"!  Both the photo and video contests were so much fun and we’re looking at holding more in the near future!

See our winners from both contests below!



 "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Open House

Many of the YCA locations hosted a special free KTOK Open House event highlighting various activities centered around the concept of kids taking over the kitchen.  Students were sent home with recipes and tips to tackle their very own “take over.” 


 "Kids Take Over the Kitchen" Dinner Kit

 Need some ideas on how to kick off a KTOK evening at your home?  Be sure to check out the KTOK Dinner Kit  below for recipes, tips and fun activities!   



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