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WELCOME to Young Chefs Academy of Virginia Beach!  We're unlike any other after-school activity....

What are we?  We're a real cooking school for children between the ages of three and ninety-three!  We provide a unique learning opportunity for your child to develop a life skill that they will use every day.  Through hands-on participation and an open environment for discovery and learning, children are able to use food and cooking techniques to build practical life-skills knowledge, increase self-confidence, and gain independence. 

What do we do?  We teach a very important and useful life skill--how to cook.  Our Young Chefs learn valuable culinary skills and techniques that they will use for the rest of their lives.  We all have such demanding schedules these days with work, school and sports activities, it's difficult to pass on to our children these skills:  how to cook properly, kitchen safety, and make delicious and nutritious meals.  We use the My Pyramid(r)  to promote healthier decisions and eating, along with the motto that "everything should be eaten in moderation".  In addition, they use their math, reading/comprehension, and communication skills in class while also being provided with background knowledge of what they are cooking, whether it be through food science, facts about the ingredients, or the origin and history of the recipe.

How do we do this? 
Our students come once a week to cooking class.  They learn the basics of cooking while they have hands-on participation in preparation of real recipes; tasks are split up between the students and then at the end of class, they taste the food they made, and discuss each recipe.  The recipe themes change every month and the actual recipes change every week and are never repeated, so children are always learning about a new dish, ingredient or technique.  Students will gain a new appreciation for food and food preparation.  They will become more adventurous about food (as will their tastes) as they learn food history, proper nutrition, how recipes can be modified to suit different tastes and dietary concerns, food safety, and good sanitation practices.

In addition to the benefits your child receives from cooking classes, your family dynamics will benefit as well, as you spend more quality time together with your children preparing meals.  Your entire family will be rewarded with new recipes to enjoy, and new topics to discuss at the dinner table!

Check out our Classes/Memberships page to find a schedule of class themes, dates, and times.  Give us a call if your child is interested in taking a class! 

FOR ADULTS TOO!  We also host cooking events for adults!  Corporate Team Building, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Girls Night Out, Moms Groups, Sororities & Fraternities, Singles & Seniors, Holiday Receptions for Businesses, Family Reunions, or just about any reason at all!  Our two kitchens enable us to host adults only or adults in one kitchen with kids in the other kitchen!  Call us to let us help you plan your special event!


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